Set up RDS Remote Apps on your Windows PC

By setting this up you will no longer need to use a browser to access your remote desktop apps.

Click start menu, type remoteapp

Click RemoteApp and Desktop Connections

Click Access RemoteApp and desktops

Enter url for your workspace

Click Next at the Ready to set up the connection window

Enter your user account credentials

This will be the same user name and password you would use to log into the RD Web Access page in the browser

User name: remote\user name Password : password (note: Remember to prefix your username with 'remote\')

Accessing RemoteApp and Desktops

Once completed, click on the system tray at the bottom right of your screen, click the Remote desktop icon, then click on Open RemoteApp and Desktop Connections

List Apps/Work Resources

You can click View resources to view the programs/web apps available to use.